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Zellberg Domaine Ostertag 2010
Alsace AOC
Pinot Gris
Cena: 130
Alk: 14,50%
Kolor: b
Nr 14487
Legenda (ocena):
8 - wybitnie, prawdziwe arcydzieło
7 - bardzo dobre, wino z dużą klasą
6 - dobre, interesujące
5 - całkiem niezłe, przyzwoite
4 - słabe
Brak gwiazdki
3 - omijać z daleka, wino z wyraźnymi wadami

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sstar (2013-04-19) Ocena: 6
Podobnie jak Riesling Fronholz Pinot Gris Zellberg też za bardzo nie pachnie. No ale wina pija się, a nie tylko wącha, choć Marek Bieńczyk pewno by oponował. Jest cukier, pewno resztkowy. Nieco dziwne to wino. Szóstka z minusem, co się dziwisz? Cena 28E, zamiast 31E, mnie nie przekonała. Ponoć świeże- frais, o dużej koncetracji - grande concentration. To wino, obok Gewurza d'E najmniej mnie przekonało, jeśli chodzi o ofertę Ostertaga, ale wstydu nie ma, wina trzymają poziom. Poziom alkoholu OTT, czyli Over The Top, choć przecież nie raził. @Cave Bossetti, Paris, degustation

star (2013-04-19)
Winter Vine Thin-armed ghost.
Dormant vine in the deep cold.


star (2013-04-19)
Spring Vine Turbulent and fragile shoots. Impetuous sap going up, gushing out and scattering around in a jumbled and excited way. As unpredictable as real life.

star (2013-04-19)
Obrazki autorstwa C C O L I N

Born and based in Strasbourg, France, artist and painter Christine Colin partners with the Domaine in many respects.
Ever since 1996, she has been giving her sensible views of the Domaine’s wines through a set of distinctive labels with a strong character.

Her work is very widely inspired by the vegetal world. “Her subject is the vegetal world but its connection to men is all-present, both in the form and the symbology.
She has stuck to this subject while opening up a new perspective using vines, these small anthropomorphic trees which end up looking like the ones who prune them, or the opposite!
In her paintings and drawings, Christine Colin gives us to see a hidden aspect of vines. She focuses on wintertime as vines, now rid of their green regalia, look like naked bodies lost in an austere and tragic world.“

To gain insight into her collected works, visit her website at ccolin.com.

Fall Vine Beauty has never been so beautiful: From the soft light of her skin to the slow motion of the air through the glorious death throes of the days, everything glorifies the vine’s dazzling beauty when facing her death.


star (2013-04-19)
Ze strony (pralinka) Ostertaga.

Summer Vine Majestic Branches of the Mother Vine. The power of the jungle and the dedication of the orchard.