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Vintage Niepoort 2009
Porto DOC
Touriga Franca
Tinta Roriz
Tinto C?o
Tinta Francisca
Tinta Amarela
Sous?o and others
including Touriga Nacional
Cena: 250
Alk: %
Kolor: s
Nr 13986
Legenda (ocena):
8 - wybitnie, prawdziwe arcydzieło
7 - bardzo dobre, wino z dużą klasą
6 - dobre, interesujące
5 - całkiem niezłe, przyzwoite
4 - słabe
Brak gwiazdki
3 - omijać z daleka, wino z wyraźnymi wadami

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sstar (2012-09-29) Ocena: 8
Smoła, żywica. Fajna kwasowość, długie. Pali (kogo?) i szczypie (kto kogo?). W nosie mam buty, w ustach aksamit. Taniny są, ale eleganckie. Aronia (z) lasu, czy ironia losu? Winemaker wytrawnych to Luis Seabra, zaś słodkich Nick Delaforce. Mówią po angielsku. Young, but bottled last year. Starting to close. May last years. @Atlantika/Quinta

star (2012-09-29)
Dane techniczne producenta: (pralinka) i opinia na temat tego klasyka: 2009 has all the ingredients of a classic Vintage year: POWER & ELEGANCE. Low yields, perfect maturation, great concentration and on top of that great acidity. It was clear for us from the start of the 2009 harvest that the perfect conditions for port were there: timings of picking were perfect and the weather conditions ideal. The youngest vineyard is over 80 years old and all the fruit comes from Cima Corgo. The grape varieties are the “usual suspects” from typical mixed vineyards. This vintage continues Niepoort’s tradition to create balanced Ports with great concentration but fine and delicate.

star (2012-09-29)
Opinia winnego detektywa (pralinka) : Sweet fruited and scented – very 2009 - with maraschino cherries, cassis and bright raspberry fruit balanced by pippy, peppery notes and dark chocolate undertones. Long, flattering tannins and juicy acidity bring line and finesse to this youthfully curvaceous wine. Seductive. Foto: Quinta de Nápoles’ corridor of keys.

star (2012-09-29)
Cena w Portugalii w Garrafeira Nacional to 44E, tanio. Opis: The year of 2009 has all the makings of a classic wine of Oporto: power and elegance. This Niepoort 2009 presents a voluptuous nose with excellent fruit, but also many spices and pepper. On the palate, this wine is very concentrated, with great structure and many tannins, but that shows a lot of sensuality. Vintage Port of great power, elegance and balance. Perfect with blue cheeses. Średnio na Wine Searcherze to 249zł: (pralinka) ocena zaś to 94/100 u nich. Wpiszę więc 250zł, choć u nas o ile jest może być drożej.

star (2012-09-29)
Dominują tradycyjne techniki nożne: All the components for our 2009 Vintage Port were trodden by foot in circular granite lagares at our Port winery in Vale de Mendiz. As usual for a vintage of this quality, we included almost 100% stems in the vinification. The component Ports were racked soon after harvest, and aged in ‘toneis’ in the Douro over the winter, before moving them to Vila Nova de Gaia in March 2010. From there, we re-tasted extensively in order to find the ideal wines for a 2009 Niepoort Vintage Port. The final blend then rested again in ‘toneis’ at our Lodges in Gaia, until bottling in May 2011. Czyżby też dla potrzeb turystów? A może enoturyści też mogą sobie podeptać trochę?