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Brut, Reserve Millesimee Philipponnat 2000
Champagne AOC
Pinot Noir
Cena: 170
Alk: 12,00%
Kolor: m
Nr 14313
Legenda (ocena):
8 - wybitnie, prawdziwe arcydzieło
7 - bardzo dobre, wino z dużą klasą
6 - dobre, interesujące
5 - całkiem niezłe, przyzwoite
4 - słabe
Brak gwiazdki
3 - omijać z daleka, wino z wyraźnymi wadami

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mdcc (2013-01-28) Ocena: 6
Sympatyczny szampan. Bałem się, że może będzie zbyt cielisty i ospały z uwagi na rocznik ale okazało się, że żywy i dość kwasowy. Ale bez przegięć. @NRD

star (2013-01-28)
Ay, ay Sir! Szukając odmian, a wiadomo, że leśniczy szuka dwa razy tafiłem na taki oto tekst z detalami nt. dominacji Pinota i takich tam.

Champagne Philipponnat
Reserve Millesimee

Varietal: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Vintage: 2000

Reserve Millesimee from Philipponnat is the ultimate expression of the grand Pinot Noir terroirs found in Ay and Mareuil-sur-Ay. Made only in exceptional years, it is the fruit of a strict selection from among the vintage's finest wines. Its extraordinary quality originates in this ambitious blending, expressing the vintage’s specific character. Long ageing allows it to fully develop the complexity of truly Grand Champagne. Vinous and powerful, the Vintage Reserve remains elegant and fresh. Perfect all alone, it will nevertheless brilliantly accompany an entire meal.
Technical Notes

Vinification: Traditional, a portion of the blend is not subjected to malolactic fermentation in order to preserve more freshness and to increase the potential for keeping the wine. It is dosed at 5 g/l, which is very low for a Brut, in order to allow the natural and noble character of the cuvee to express itself.

Aging: 6 to 7 years in order to maximize complexity as well as secondary and tertiary aromas that result from ageing on the lees in the bottle. All wines are given three months between disgorgement and shipping. Each bottle bears its disgorgement date on its back label.
Tasting Notes

Colour: Medium gold, without any evidence of evolution. The mousse is delicate without being too lively and becomes creamy.

Nose: First nose of flower honey, then come notes of dry fruit, grape and fig.

Palate: Very direct attack, pure. A crisp acidity balances the ripeness of the fruit. The mouth is full but without heaviness. The finish is enlivened by light but persistent aromas of leather and smoke, typical marks of ageing in grand Pinot Noirs.
Food Matches

Food Pairing: As a very fine table Champagne, Reserve Millesimee 2003 is a perfect food companion. Completely at ease with seafood, especially with butter sauces, it goes even better with poultry, broiled meat and feathered game. Pinot Noir will find balanced aromatic harmonies with these foods, as well as with terrines or foie gras, provided that the sauce is not sweet.


star (2013-01-28)
Przy okazji może coś o ich topowym Pinocie, o szampanie z przewagą Pinota znaczy.