Grand Cru Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 2006
la Tache AOC
Pinot Noir
Cena: 6000
Alk: 13,00%
Kolor: cz
Ocena: 7
Nr 4524

sstar&let (2009-12-24)
Chyba pierwsza gwiazda ju pojawia si na niebie... cho jeszcze nie u nas;) Czas na prezent na gwiazdk. Nie, nie dostaem la Tache pod choink, a szkoda;) Mog jedynie podzieli si z Wami wraeniami z jej degustacji. Wiem, e wielu z nas wstydliwie kryje flaszk latasz gdzie w mrokach piwnicy za jak pik do kosza. Ci co nigdy nie grali w NBA o latasz mog sobie jedynie pomarzy ew. poczyta;) Wino marze. Wywouje sporo emocji. Deo i Weinr prbowali si mnie zmusi do przedwczesnych wynurze o tej legendzie. Markiz mnie zrozumie. Nie jest to jednak takie proste mj may...

Zderzenie z legend moe rozczarowa, cho nie musi. Siy co prawda brak, a nastroje dekandenckie. Moulin Rouge z dawnych czasw. A gsto od perfum, pima. Gra w klasy Cortazara, wczga po Paryu. Stare czasy. Ja ju tego niestety nie pamitam. Pamitam za dojrzao, delikatno i subtelno. Smak winogron, zbieranych o zachodzie soca. Ewolucj wietnego owocu, ktry mona znale w lesie. Pooy by si chciao na jakiej polanie, a moe na ce, najlepiej w miym towarzystwie, poczu aromat poszycia lenego i kwiatw, oddech dziczy...;)

Kto kogo przodkowie byli z pewnoci dumnymi mieszkacami Afryki zapyta o jaki eksperyment przy produkcji la Tache ze wietnego 2005 rocznika. Jaki zapytacie? Nie wiem. Wy pewno si dowiecie;) Aubert de Villaine skwapliwie pochwali pytanie, dziwic si nieco erudycji pytajcego, doceniajc j stwierdzeniem: O, vous etes experte!. aowaem, e to nie ja je zadaem. Moe nastpnym razem, za rok. Wtedy lepiej si przygotuj... @Grains Nobles

star (2015-08-18)
Jak ewoluowaa la Tache vs Gaudichots dowiecie si u Wine Hoga.

La Tche is one of the most legendary vineyards in Burgundy, and was ranked as one of the very best vineyards in Burgundy by Lavalle and is perhaps only surpassed by Romanee-Conti. It was therefore very attractive to sell the wines of Les Gaudichots under the La Tche name.

During the last part of the 19th century the owners of Les Gaudichot began to use the term La Tache when selling wines from Les Gaudichot. The background for this was most likely commercial, but it was also based on the fact that large parts of Les Gaudichots, were named Tche Gaudichots or Tche Gaudichotte in title deeds. The situation resembles the case of Les Richebourg and Les Verroilles ou Richebourg, where the borders between the vineyards were somewhat diluted over time – and finally they were merged.

The use of the La Tche name finally became too much for the owner of the original part of La Tache – La Tche Joly de Bvy. The dispute were settled in lawsuit in 1932 – and the court ruled that the name La Tache could also be used for wines from the main part of Les Gaudchots.


star (2014-01-11)
Amsti wyszpera tak opini WS o warzywnoci 1993 la Tache DRC, wic dorzuc moe Parkera i K&L z (pralinka) KLWines. Co ciekawe Parker kaza pi do 2010, a w 2012 WS mimo wszystko si zachwyci. Wida nierwne butelkowanie, jak czasami w Biedronce;-)

95 points Wine Spectator
The nose evidences a slight floral quality, and a fascinating mix of earth, leather, tea and spice notes plus an interesting green bark component. The slightly austere, tannic, wonderfully rich flavors are dense, in fact extremely dense with excellent depth and terrific complexity and a finish that seems to go on forever. Though there are now hints of secondary aromas, this remains very young, structured and remarkably intense. When you get the right bottle, the '93 can be a real stunner. Note: the inconsistency of this wine continues unabated as a bottle opened at the Domaine recently was almost aggressively vegetal and awkward. In short, when it's good it's very good but I've now had too many disappointing bottles not to be wary. (1/ 2012)

90 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
As usual, La Tache reveals the most saturated deep ruby color of the DRC's, a tight but promising nose of smoky, game-like aromas intertwined with red and black fruits, minerals, and vanillin from new oak. Medium to full-bodied, with sweet, concentrated, berry fruit, this tannic, spicy, backward wine appears to possess the requisite extraction to ensure a long, positive evolution. Give it 7-10 years of cellaring and drink it over the following 12-15 years. The DRC's 1993s possess the vintage's toughness, tannic structure, austerity, and aging potential. They will not be flattering to drink in their youth, and most will require 6-10 years of cellaring. Typical of the vintage, they appear to be the most tannic and structured wines made at this domaine since 1983. (8/ 1995)

K&L Notes
95 points Wine Spectator: "Light red. Beautiful nose, very youthful and pure. A vegetal note emerges with air. Packed with dense fruit and marked by a very firm structure of both acidity and dense tannins. The fruit is locked up right now in this massive, powerful La Tche. Rather than open in the glass, this appears to close up, but have faith; this will be great." (06/06) 90 points Robert Parker: "As usual, La Tache reveals the most saturated deep ruby color of the DRC's, a tight but promising nose of smoky, game-like aromas intertwined with red and black fruits, minerals, and vanillin from new oak. Medium to full-bodied, with sweet, concentrated, berry fruit, this tannic, spicy, backward wine appears to possess the requisite extraction to ensure a long, positive evolution. Give it 7-10 years of cellaring and drink it over the following 12-15 years." (08/95)


star (2014-01-10)
La Tache trafio do Polski do Domu Wina (skd fotka) jak informuj na DeoBloxie (pralinka) w noworocznych pisankach.

Po kolei: o ile stwierdzenia "jedno z najsynniejszych win burgundzkich" i "legenda legend" jeszcze ujd, to "drugie wino najsynniejszej posiadoci wiata" ju raczej nie, "drugie wino" to w winiarstwie pojecie do dokadnie okrelone (cho nieformalne) i La Tache w aden sposb nie mona nazwa "drugim winem", co do najsynniejszoci DRC - powtpiewam, cho nie wiem, czy byy przeprowadzone na caym wiecie jakie wiarygodne badania, ktra posiado moe nosi to zaszczytne miano. "W nosie nieco kwiatw i fascynujca mieszanka ziemi, skry, herbaty i przypraw" - mao zachcajce, ale dobra. W kolejnym zdaniu (?) za to pojawiaj si "taniczne aromaty o niezwykej gstoci" i tu ju musz zaprotestowa, bo aromaty, nawet gdy "cudownie bogate", taniczne by nie mog. Co do doboru potraw te mam wtpliwoci, ale si na tym za bardzo nie znam, wic tylko wyra zdziwienie, e do tak wyrafinowanego wina proponuje si "gulasz woowy" i niemiao zapytam, dlaczego pier kaczki bdzie cacy, a udko - be. Kropk nad "i" stawia "Marek Boczyk". Tak, TEN Boczyk (prawidowo napisane nazwisko wystpuje na okadce Czasu Wina), ktry jednak, jak wynika z jego zapisu na Winicjatywie , tego La Tache prawdopodobnie nie pi.

star (2013-09-11)
Ciekawa historia posiadoci (pralinka) plus zwizki la Tache z Gaudichots Foreya.

Domaine de la Romane-Conti
The domaine traces its history back to the monks of the Priory of St. Vincent who were bestowed the vineyard from the Dukes of Burgundy two centuries earlier. In 1232 they donated 1.8 hectares of land known as Cros des Clous to the local Abbey of Saint-Vivant, now known as Romane-St-Vivant.

In 1631 it was sold to the de Croonembourg family who changed the name to "Romane" and acquired the adjacent vineyard of "La Tche" (which literally translates as "task".) The origin of the word "Romane" is uncertain, perhaps in deference to the Romans? We may never know.

Throughout the 18th century its wines became renowned but in 1760 Andr de Croonembourg decided to sell the domaine. A fierce battle of ownership ensued between the king's mistress, Marquise de Pompadour and her nemesis Louis-Franois de Bourgon, Prince de Conti, first cousin of Louis XV, whom she had exiled from the royal court at Versailles. It was Conti who became the proud owner of the most esteemed vineyard in Burgundy for the princely sum of 8,000 livres, for which Conti duly appended his name. Henceforth Romane-Conti and La Tche were under separate ownership.

However the Prince de Conti decided to keep all the wine for his own personal consumption, to the chagrin of virtually every person in France, who responded by their deification of La Tche instead. La Tche was purchased by the Marey family in 1791, who already owned plots in Roman-Saint-Vivant, although at that time it only covered 1.5 hectares.

Fortunately for everyone except Conti (who eventually died in exile in Spain) the Romane-Conti vineyard was sequestered by the State in 1793 and the bien nationale was eventually purchased by the Parisian Nicolas Defer de la Nouerre who sold it in 1819 to former banker of Napolon, Julien Ouvrard for 78,000 francs, triple the value of Chambertin or indeed La Tche. Ouvrard also owned the entire climat of Clos-de-Vougeot and vinified the wine there.

In 1869 it was sold again to Mon. Duvault-Blochet who Clive Coates MW desribes as "probably the most important vineyard-owner Burgundy has seen since the Revolution" He expanded the domaine's holdings, purchasing vines in neighbouring Grand Cru`s such as Richebourg, Grand Echzeaux and Echzeaux. He was honoured in the exceptional vintages of 1999 and 2002 by having a special cuve named after him.

Up until the 1930`s, part of La Tche was labeled as Les Gaudichots. Les Gaudichots was absorbed into La Tche in 1936 after several lawsuits. In 1966, Domaine de la Romane-Conti took over management of holdings by the Marey-Monge family (you can sometimes find the name mentioned on bottles to the confusion of many) and in 1988 they bought it outright.


star (2013-02-18)
Ale nie trzeba prbowa DRC aby wyrobi sobie jak smakuje burgund, niekoniecznie taki z redukcj i jadcy wiejskim podwrkiem;-) Porwna go z Pinotem z USA te mona, bo o tym tu mowa. Niekoniecznie Marcassin, bo tego i ja sam nie prbowaem i moe nigdy nie sprbuj, jak balon poszed w gr.

polaczek (2013-02-18)
Zawistny oczywicie, jak to polaczek. Sk w tym, e tych wszystkich grainnoblesw itd, 90% tutejszych czytelnikw nigdy nie sprbuje, jest to wic gadanie troch do lepego - przepraszam, do "widzcego inaczej" - o kolorach.

star (2013-02-17)
Z tego co pisze na (pralinka) w tekcie Helen of Joy Mike Steinberger by wynikao, e te wina od Marcassin mul (cloying) jak te od Kena Wrighta:

In fact, the wines were terrible. The whites were typically overblown California chardonnays—too ripe, too fat, too oaky. They were charmless and exhausting. But the Marcassin pinots were in their own special category of vileness. These were cloying, completely disjointed wines that exhibited almost no varietal character. For a moment, I found myself wondering, only partially in jest, if Turley had mistakenly bottled her Martinelli zinfandels in the Marcassin bottles. The pinots were hideous confections, their inadequacy underscored by a vertical tasting of Domaine Dujac’s brilliant Clos de la Roche that was held the same weekend. I was fairly new to wine writing at the time, and I recall being shocked that Parker had compared one of the Marcassin pinots to a Clos de la Roche. Looking back, I think this was the moment I first began to question the whole Parker thing. It was bad enough that he thought so highly of these execrable wines, but to liken one of them to a Clos de la Roche? Apart from being derived from the same grape, the Marcassin pinots had nothing in common with red Burgundies. Sure, taste is subjective, but this was like comparing, oh, peanut butter to lobster—it made no sense.

A do win Romanee Conti jak i do Pinota czy Nebbiolo chyba si dojrzewa z czasem. A potem ciko wrci.


star (2013-02-17)
Komentarz w sprawie la Tache i Marcassin z bloga (pralinka) Dr Vino.
Incidentally, Meadows found the 2006 DRCs “indeed quite impressive as the natural elegance of the vintage and the traditional vinification approach melded to produce wonderfully aromatic and refined wines.” He called the 06 La Tache a “don’t miss!”
Tak si szczliwie skada, e prbowaem la Tache 2006 i rzeczywicie co do aromatyki tego wina to "wow"! Z drugiej strony nie prbowaem jeszcze nigdy wielkiego Pinota z USA (pralinka) cho niektre miay takie ambicje jak na przykad te od Kena Wrighta a skoczyo si marnie. Pono nieze pinoty Duckhorn robi. A ze SW wynika, e nie najgorsze Pisoni, Lato, Rodney Strong czy Robert Stemmler. C trzeba cierpliwie czeka, a kto ze znajomych poczstuje tym Marcassin;-)


star (2013-02-17)
Marcassin i la Tache z 2006. Ktre lepsze? Odpowied pynie z blogu (pralinka) gdzie opublikowano kontrowersyjny newsletter Marcassin, w ktrym Turley i Wetlaufer z Marcassin degustuj swoje wina z Parkerem porwnujc je ze sabym, co by nie powiedzie rocznikiem w Burgundii i musz przyzna, e w porwnaniu z 2008 i na pewno 2009 sabszym nieco la Tache. A jak dodamy, e zaczto wtedy miesza nowe nasadzenia la Tache ze starymi to atwo domyle si, e jednak musiao to troch wpyn na jako.


star (2011-01-24)
O la Tache i les Gaudichots jak to drzewiej bywao poczytacie u Christie's. Przy okazji zapraszam do konkursu: "G jak...". Nie trzeba, cho mona si logowa!

star (2010-12-04)
Sabo jako zgadujecie;) Podpowiem wic, e chodzi o posiado. A dokadniej la Tache i la Romanee, ktre s oddzielone... no wanie, czym? 40 lat dla winoroli podobno wystarczy, pniej sabe jakie s ju te winogrona. Cho s wyjtki: Vieilles Vignes Francaises czy Provignage.

star (2010-12-04)
Zagadka. Co dzieli posiado Romanee Conti? W zeszym roku powyrywali stare krzaki w la Tache, trzeba bdzie ze trzy lata poczeka. Mniej bdzie wina, wic pewno bdzie drosze:)

sstar&let (2009-12-28)
Nie tylko byy koszykarz Deo owadnity jest dz la Tache, cyt. z wtku wina naszych marze: No c, bd banalny jak Merlot z Veneto (taki redniowieczny rycerz :-): La Tache 1990 - 100 PP, wic dwie pieczenie na jednym ogniu: synne La Tache z dobrego rocznika i setka Parkera (jeszcze nie dowiadczyem). W Decanterze dla odmiany wybrali sobie inny rocznik: La Tache, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 1978 1978 La Tache is noted by Robert Parker as: 'among the greatest red burgundies I have ever tasted', while Huon Hooke says it is, 'all about fragrance, finesse and balance'. Romane-Conti's exclusively-owned monopolie vineyard, the 6ha La Tache, is the domaine's largest. Yet it produces just 1880 cases a year. While the productions are miniscule - and, at 20-25hl/ha, massively concentrated - the prices are huge. Rarely anything but spectacular and fascinating, says Burgundy expert Anthony Hanson.

sstar&let (2009-12-28)
Aubert de Villaine przestrzega przy okazji degustacji rocznika 2005 Romanee Conti, aby nie narzeka na lekkie noty papryki, poniewa s one gwarantem piknego ranego aromatu, ktry rozwinie si w tym 2005 po pewnym czasie, tak ze 20 lat mu da. Biay pieprz te si pojawia w notkach.\, zgaduj, e Davida Rayera, specjalisty od Mozeli! A nie, to jednak Vincent Morin w akcji! Wicej o degustacji rocznika 2005 (ech, szkoda, e mnie tam nie byo!) znajdziecie na stronach Grains Nobles. La Tache (sia, zoono przy niezwykej agodnoci i rwnowadze!) podobnie jak Le Montrachet dostay oceny prawie maksymalne, 19.5/20, ciut niej uplasowao si wspomniane wczeniej le Romanee Conti. Tymczasem fotka Wielkiej Trjki w wyranie sabszym kolejnym roczniku.

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