Savoir Vieillis Chateau Maris 2020
Languedoc VdP
Cena: 80
Alk: 14,50%
Kolor: cz
Ocena: 6
Nr 17142

star (2022-08-08)
Wino od konesera z Francji. Cytuje.

star (2022-08-08)
Ponoc super. Pi wielbiciel Soave.

star (2022-08-08)
W odmianach te miejsce dla Grenache. Cytuj ze strony producenta adna.

A pure sulfur-free Syrah! “Savoir Vieillir” (aging wisely) was born of the desire to offer the best that the earth can produce when it is listened to, respected, and worked intelligently. At Maris, it’s crystal clear: we work with nature, we follow it as much as we guide it. Nature gives back to us. This relative wisdom consists of taking time. The time to do things well. “Savoir Vieillir” is first of all a nod to Cicero and his treatise on old age, a text from Antiquity, so modern in truth. It is also an antidote to the vanity of urgency and inconsistency of things.
Taste : The color is dark purple. The nose is delicate, fresh, with aromas of lively fruit, redcurrant, cherry, and pomegranate. The mouthfeel is moderately concentrated, creamy and lively at the same time, very charming, with notes of blueberry, violet and pepper. A wine of spontaneous pleasure. Aging potential : 2-4 years. Grape Varieties : Syrah, Grenache.


star (2022-08-08)
Temi pewno pi z tym Cyceronem;-)

temi (2022-08-08)
Z nim nie. Ale nad nim - nie jeden raz. ;-)

marwin (2022-08-09)
Pi czyste syrah w towarzystwie grenache ? Nad Cyceronem, oczywicie !

star (2022-08-09)
Syrah to ona jak Sara(h) czy Sanah wg Bieczyka.

marwin (2022-08-10)
Czyli on, to grenache. Ona dziewicza (czysta), syrah (sarah) ?
A kiedy mi si wydawao, e potrafi interpretowa. Czas skoczy z opisami (interpretacj) win.


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